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Intranet Undertaking Names – Some Concepts


“What’s in a reputation? That which we name a rose

By another phrase would odor as candy.”

On this well-known quote from Act II of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet tells Romeo {that a} title is a man-made and meaningless conference, and the very fact he’s a Montague and he or she a Capulet (warring households) means nothing to their love.

Nonetheless, there may be some sturdy proof from the UK’s Cranfield College – and elsewhere – that the title one offers a undertaking does have a marked affect on the behaviour and motivation of the folks concerned. It could shock you, however the title you give to your Intranet Undertaking might effectively be a very powerful choice you make within the early levels of mobilisation!

The Direct Strategy

There’s an argument in faour of naming your Intranet Undertaking the – look forward to it – “Intranet Undertaking”! Typically, so-called “secret squirrel” names (the place one has to ferret out from colleagues what Undertaking Banana is all about) serve solely to create an pointless air of mystique (match just for secret M&A tasks). They will additionally serve to be divisive, by separating ‘folks within the know’ from folks exterior the fast undertaking viewers.

The practical strategy

A practical title focuses on what the intranet does (e.g. search, discover, entry). This enjoys the identical advantages because the direct strategy, however affords one a little bit extra poetic license. What about names like “Undertaking Join” or “Undertaking Gateway”, which serve to sign the core “will need to have” necessities for the undertaking?

The conceptual strategy

There’s a drawback with the direct or practical approaches; Analysis from Cranfield has demonstrated that folks on tasks are usually very closely influenced of their actions by the title of the undertaking itself. In case you name your undertaking the Intranet undertaking, it’s a working intranet (i.e. the expertise) that you’ll get. In case your ambition was one thing far more visionary, resembling an entirely new approach of working on your folks, you might be prone to be dissatisfied!

The conceptual title targets what’s achieved by the performance, fairly than the performance itself. For instance, if your organization title was BigCo and your goal was looking for to get everybody within the firm working collectively, you would name the undertaking “Undertaking OneBigCo” or “Undertaking Unity”. For the aforementioned new methods of working goal, you would use “Undertaking Future Office”.

The summary strategy

The summary strategy offers with how the undertaking makes folks really feel. For instance, “Undertaking Bliss” (for happiness), “Undertaking Wizard” (for magic) or “Undertaking Pulse” (for fast-pacedness). Though one world normally fails to seize all you are attempting to attain with an Intranet Portal, this strategy can show extremely efficient (significantly the place counter-cultural).

If all else fails

Nothing grabbed you to this point? Properly there isn’t a saving you, then! I suppose there are at all times the usual fallback choices: names of greek or roman gods, names of planets, names of birds and names of dances. These have the added worth that – in the event you spawn follow-on tasks in a sequence – you’ve got ready-made logical follow-on undertaking titles. By the way, “Undertaking Mercury” can be my advice for planets or gods (as Mercury was the roman god of communications).

For extra concepts on undertaking names, why not take a look at my presentation in chapter 10 of my (free to entry) Intranet Portal Information.

Supply by David Viney

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