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Cured Tuna Coronary heart: An Unique Italian Product Now Obtainable within the USA


All people likes it, it has a gentle taste and may be eaten by itself, recent or cooked, or declined in quite a few subtle recipes. It is tuna fish!

It’s fairly straightforward to search out tuna fish on the grocery store, in items or canned, and virtually everyone has eaten it as soon as in life. However have you ever ever tasted salted tuna?

The tuna coronary heart, dried and salted, is a specialty of Sicilian and Sardinian delicacies, just like bottarga and appreciated by lovers of seafood. The processing of the center of tuna is just like that of fish roe. The center is salted and positioned between two tables beneath a press. After 20 days it’s positioned to dry within the shade, in a ventilated space. The cured tuna coronary heart has a powerful style, due to this fact it would not require particular seasoning. It’s utilized in appetizers, simply seasoned with further virgin olive oil, in salads or grated flakes on pasta.

It isn’t straightforward to search out this wonderful product, and even in Italy solely few connoisseur shops promote it.

But, at present you should buy dry tuna coronary heart, even in america, due to some new specialty meals on-line shops.

However why is tuna fish so vital within the Mediterranean weight loss plan? Tuna belongs to the Thunnidae household that may attain a size of over Three meters and whose most succulent half is the stomach. But, smaller tuna fishes are essentially the most useful ones since their meat is softer and extra tasty.

The dietary properties of tuna are exceptional; it’s so good for human well being that it ought to by no means be excluded from our weight loss plan. It’s wealthy in protein and Omega 3, low in fats and nutritional vitamins resembling A, B12, E and D.

And its energy do not depend upon the meat itself, however extra on the truth that the tuna is usually preserved in sunflower oil, which is excessive fats, or cooked with an excessive amount of seasoning. Quite the opposite, tuna by itself is a real ally of the weight loss plan and is sweet for the center, it displays the levels of cholesterol and makes our pores and skin extra stunning.

This fish is caught within the Mediterranean sea, and within the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, normally utilizing nets known as tuna traps, extra hardly ever with traces or harpoons.

The unfold of sushi and sashimi has had a devastating influence on bluefin tuna. At the moment, tuna is a species threatened with extinction on account of an extreme and uncontrolled catch that’s breaking its reproductive cycles and inflicting big damages to the entire ecosystem. Overfishing has decimated the populations of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean, bringing the species to the brink of extinction. Regulatory our bodies have been unable to impose sufficiently extreme catch quotas and unlawful fishing is widespread worldwide. Plainly solely the captive breeding of bluefin tuna may save this species. In Spain, it was attainable to realize in vitro fertilization of bluefin tuna eggs in captivity. However it’s nonetheless a terrific problem.

Due to this fact, nice consideration needs to be paid to this case, whereas remaining conscious of the significance of tuna for our well being. In different phrases: eat tuna however responsibly, and you’ll deliver nice advantages to your well being… and to the ocean!

Supply by Simona S

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